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Our approach

To free expression, creativity and music you'll need time, space and energy. Our job is to create the perfect environment to create music.
Spaces, tools, organization, that's what we'll provide to you. The time spent recording is sacred, it's a moment defining your music.
There's some things that just have  to be done in a certain way, technicalities, the organization of spaces, a comfortable area to do your job. Most of that can be arranged before you get here, after we get in touch on the phone or by mail.
Cascina samadhi is available for musicians and can accommodate up to 6 people.

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Around us

Cascina samadhi is based on the red hills of  the UNESCO site of Nizza Monferrato.
The house is surrounded by vineyard, and just behind them there's beautiful patches of trees.
Between the trees around our house there's that typical Piemonte style environment where our cats spend the days playing. The hills are soft and they're just waiting for you to take a peaceful walk. We're also very close to town!

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I love recording jazz music for the "scientific" nature required to deal with a musical material made up of dynamics, colors and sounds, the result of years of study by every jazz musician. I also love to see music being created out of nothing, from an idea or a concept. Come prepared and I will serve you with gloves, gown and precision instruments. Come unprepared and I will guide you as far as possible in the search for your sound. Avoiding certain phases of the production of a record creates difficulties, inconsistencies and sometimes does not lead to results. I've recorded many records with a few days available, but the incredible results are obtained when the work of composition, arrangement and pre-production are done before recording, which seems trivial but unfortunately it is not always the case. Together with my wife, I have created a place where making music is simple, because being at the service of creation gives me energy and vitality. I've been chasing this place for many years and now it's a reality full of experience, profession, good food and lots of cats. My focus as a sound engineer is on the technical aspects, but as a producer it is on the groove, the sound, and the intention. So I dedicate a lot of care to the rhythm section but the singers are my favorites because I have tricks and exercises to make the singer think about the text and not about the vocal difficulties. When needed, the best thing is to do a little work with me, to do on breathing and phonation, simple, effective and miraculous. I'm not a pedigreed vocal coach but in my life I've met someone who opened my eyes to the potential of the voice. Phonation is a simple gesture if faced without technicalities or limiting thoughts. Finally, it's true that a good mic is indispensable and it's true that a good singing voice can be recorded with the battle mic. This is why the work on the sound of the voice is very important. The experiences lived with musicians are small books written and read several times and each time they leave me with a priceless feeling... Music! Ahh how I adore you!

Massimiliano Zaccone  Maci

I'm Massimiliano, born in 1981 and the 80s definitely marked my passion for sound. The use of the recording studio as a musical instrument, an art born in the early 70s but which exploded with the technology of the 80s, is very compatible with my philosophy. Microphones, preamplifiers, compressors, effects, can surely be used to better represent what we have in front of us, but they can also be transformed into creative tools, going to affect the nature of the song. Mixing and music production are definitely the two areas I am most comfortable with. Working on arrangements, structures, cuts, additions, micro or macroscopic modifications is my favorite part of the job. I love electronic sounds as much as acoustic ones, and I enjoy working with a grand piano as well as a synthesizer. I firmly believe that once you enter the studio you have to convince yourself that the most important thing is the final product, the song, the piece, therefore the ability to put aside the ego of the musician, the singer, the arranger according to the song is key. I work preferably with rock, soul, pop, electronica.

Alfonso Barbiero

Experience on big stages, huge events, theater, cinema advertising, installations! Alfonso is with us. One of Groovefarm's father forever

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