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a natural habitat for Jazz and Rock musicians


a recording studio immersed in the nature


habitat, time and space for you

Groovefarm was operative in Rome for 20 years, but the desire to live in an area with natural surroundings that could be shared with many people, and where at the same time one could find intimacy, brought us here in Cascina Samhadi. A big, classic Piemonte-style house, situated in the countryside, between the Barbera vineyards, in direct contact with nature, to regenerate creativity, the spirit and your energy. Groovefarm has always been a studio where, as De Gregori said, “you chill, and things just happen”. Even when we were in Rome that was the case, but now, between these hills (UNESCO site) eve thing happens with a natural fluidity that allows a natural expression of yourself and your project. Musci is lost in nature, you just have to look for it. You are in your habitat, just be inspired and… play!



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time, space and instrument for you

Jazz musicians need rooms that sound good, excellently tuned musical instruments, a professional staff and an inspiring habitat, with a strict timeframe but a relaxing environment, just like jazz music. The confort we provide here at Groovefarm in Piemonte is a bit rustic, but rich in experience. We always focus on the quality of the musical product, so musicians are nurtured here. You can sleep here, as a guest, just like you would at your friends place (even better, ‘cause you’ll always find a bed here). You will wake up at your pace and have a walk in the courtyard, breathe the valley in. There are no time limits! Our piano, a Yamaha C6 Artistic Edition, is an great instrument that’s been selected by many avant-garde and jazz piano players. The sound is alway precise, both in the low and the middle register, the keyboard is extremely playable and the high notes are bells that never grind your ears. For a jazz production you will need: -a couple of days recording -a couple of days for mixing The JAZZ PRODUCTION FORMULA by Groovefarm gives you an extra day, to give you all the time and space you need! Contact us to know how



Are you experienced?

It consists in a 2 days personal journey, by creating a song starting from scratch. It’s an exploration of yourself, one of the many opportunities to show who you are. It’s a space that Groovefarm gives to anyone that’s passionate about music, but that is not by all means a musician. An experience through emotions, feelings, cultures and languages, and an experience of the body. A journey trough your inner talents. An opportunity for whoever plays or sings just for passion and never thought of creating a song, for those who feel like they have their personal love song but never managed to give it to anybody. You will find the support, guidance and the instruments you’ll need to make your musical dream come true.



work like the big ones

It’s basically ensemble music, played together and born through interplay. The small details become song, arrangement, a color. A rock production needs to be able to experiment with sound and ideas, and anything that creativity may suggest, and our studio is an environment made to let just that happen. A rock recording can be made in as little as 3-4 days, but the musicians need to be extremely well prepared, and maybe already have a pre-production done. Here our experienced engineers Davide and Maci will follow you song by song, especially in those areas of the production where the band is less at ease. Just throw away your typical studio-related anxiousness, where you enter and you find yourself lost! The ROCK formula by Groovefarm gives the opportunity to have a personalized pre-production too, contact us to know how!



focus and get better

You don’t know where to rehearse your live? You need time isolated from everything , maybe for the pre-production of your album or your show. Cascina Samadhi can be the place for you, if you’re a classical music player thanks to the big room and the piano. Silence, intimacy and relax here are guaranteed. Contact us to find the perfect formula for you.



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